Update to Weather Station

I had noticed over the last few weeks that the rain sensor was not working. I have replaced the sensor gauge out now and hope this will now measure rain again, though I hope the rain stays away for a few weeks! I’m sick of rain!

Unfortunately when I restarted my Weather Station back up I noticed the HDD reporting bad sectors.  I have swapped out the HDD with a new SSD i had bought last week for another project.

Next  plan is to make a new backup once i can confirm all features are working correctly.

Weatherstation addition

OK thought i’d try adding tide data to the weather station. this took some time in getting xTides working correctly with the TS-121 Debian installation. once i had this installed the trick part of deciphering xTides configuration and some tricky css editing on the weewx configuration.

Anyhow i think its now worked out quite well.

Upgrading the Weatherstation

The Weatherstation software is running on an old QNAP TS-209 II. This Hardware is quite slow so I am upgrading the NAS to a new Single Drive version – The QNAP TS-121.

TS-209 II Specs – Marvell 5182 500MHz CPU and 256MB DDR2 RAM

TS-121 Specs Marvell 88F6282 2.0GHz CPU and 1024MB DDR3 RAM

hopefully the nas should handle this very well and stats generation for the weewx website should be very quick.

Migration of data and Blitzortung software should be done over the next few days.


Update to Weewx – v2.6.0a3

weewx change history


  • Changed the RESTful architecture so RESTful services are now first-class weewx services. This should simplify the installation of 3rd party extensions that use these services.
  • Broke up service_list, the very long list of services to be run, into five separate lists. This will allow services to be grouped together, according to when they should be run.
  • Changed the default time and date labels to use locale dependent formatting. The defaults should now work in most locales, provided you set the environment variable LANG before running weewx.
  • Added UV plots to the templates. They will be shown automatically if you have any UV data.
  • Fixed bug in setting of CheetahGenerator options. 
  • Fixed qsf and qpf summary values in forecast module.
  • Forecast module now considers the fctcode, condition, and wx fields for precipitation and obstructions to visibility.


Weewx upgrade to v2.5.0

New version of WeeWx is now online. the list of improvement are as follows:

weewx change history

2.5.0 10/29/13

  1. Introduced a new architecture that makes it easier to define search list extensions. The old architecture should be 100% backwards compatible.
  2. Added station registry service. This allows weewx to optionally “phone home” and put your station location on a map.
  3. Added a forecast service and reporting options. The forecast service can generate Zambretti weather or XTide tide forecasts, or it can download Weather Underground or US National Weather Service weather forecasts. These data can then be displayed in reports using the Cheetah template engine. The forecast service is disabled by default.
  4. Weewx now allows easier localization to non-English speaking locales. In particular, set the environment variable LANG to your locale, and then weewx date and number formatting will follow local conventions. There are also more labeling options in skin.conf. Details in a new section in the Customization Guide.
  5. Added aggregate type “minmax” and “maxmin”. Thank you user Gary Roderick!
  6. New option in [StdArchive] called “loop_hilo”. Setting to True will cause both LOOP and archive data to be used for high/low statistics.This is the default. Setting to False causes only archive data to be used.
  7. When a template fails, skip only that template, not everything that the generator is processing.
  8. Trend calculations no longer need a record at precisely (for example) 3 hours in the past. It can be within a “grace” period.
  9. FineOffset driver now uses the ‘delay’ field instead of the fixed_block ‘read_period’ for the archive record interval when reading records from console memory.
  10. FineOffset driver now support for multiple stations on the same USB. 
  11. FineOffset driver now reduces logging verbosity when bad magic numbers appear. Log only when the numbers are unrecognized or change.The purpose of the magic numbers is still unknown.
  12. WMR100, Vantage, FineOffset, and WS28xx drivers now emit a null wind direction when the wind speed is zero. Same for wind gust.
  13. For WMR9x8 stations, wind chill is now retrieved from the console rather than calculated in software. Thank you user Peter Ferencz!
  14. For WMR9x8 stations, the first extra temperature sensor (packet code 4) now shows up as extraTemp1 (instead of outTemp). Thanks again to Peter Ferencz.
  15. For WMR9x8 stations, packet types 2 and 3 have been separated. Only the latter is used for outside temperature, humidity, dewpoint. The former is used for “extra” sensors. Corrected the calculation for channel numbers >=3. Also, extended the number of battery codes. Thanks to PerEdström for his patience in figuring this out!
  16. For WMR200 stations, altitude-corrected pressure is now emitted correctly.
  17. ws28xx driver improvements, including: better thread control; better logging for debugging/diagnostics; better timing to reduce dropouts; eliminate writes to disk to reduce wear when used on flash devices. Plus, support for multiple stations on the same USB.
  18. Fixed rain units in ws28xx driver.
  19. The LOOP value for daily ET on Vantages was too high by a factor of 10. This has been corrected.
  20. Fixed a bug that caused values of ET to be miscalculated when using software record generation.
  21. Ported to Korora 19 (Fedora 19). Thanks to user zmodemguru!
  22. Plots under 16 hours in length, now use 1 hour increments (instead of 3 hours).
  23. No longer emits “deprecation” warning when working with some versions of the MySQLdb python driver.
  24. Added ability to build platform-specific RPMs, e.g., one for RedHat-based distributions and one for SuSE-based distributions.
  25. Fixed the ‘stop’ and ‘restart’ options in the SuSE rc script.
  26. The weewx logwatch script now recognizes more log entries and errors.

More information can be gained here:  http://www.weewx.com/

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