Weewx updated to new Template.

I have now updated to a new Web template for the Weather station.

Based on Byteweather Template for Weewx by Chris Davies-Barnard –


I have added a few more tweaks to this to give it more depth and links to the local weather stations etc.

Please check it out here:  http://darkmoon.org.uk/weather/

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Davis Vantage Vue Arrives

Well I have finally took the plunge and will be upgrading the weather station to a Davis Vantage Vue system. This new unit is by far the best setup possible with very accurate readings given by the unit.  I hope to be setting this up soon when time allows and weather permitting.

Watch this space….

Davis Vantage Vue

USB Data Logger

Mounting Pole Kit

Labgear 29924LAB 3m Aerial Mast

2″ x 1.5″ Clamp

3 Way Guy Clamp with Hooks

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Upgraded MyLightingDetection to v1.3

Version 1.3 (2014-05-01)

- several minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.2 (2014-01-17)

- show comment and website of a station
– import of UTF8 encoded station names
– some other minor fixes
– improved translations

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Update to Weather Station

I had noticed over the last few weeks that the rain sensor was not working. I have replaced the sensor gauge out now and hope this will now measure rain again, though I hope the rain stays away for a few weeks! I’m sick of rain!

Unfortunately when I restarted my Weather Station back up I noticed the HDD reporting bad sectors.  I have swapped out the HDD with a new SSD i had bought last week for another project.

Next  plan is to make a new backup once i can confirm all features are working correctly.

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Update to website.

So, finally getting the site updated again.

Updates applied today:

WordPress 3.9

Weewx 2.6.3

Pocket PWS link readded.


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A very sad Day.

With my heart broken, I learnt of my Dad had passed away on Saturday 12th April 2014 at his allotment which he loved dearly.

You will be sorely missed.

Family - 154

I have added a page to the site to pay tribute to my Dad.


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Weatherstation addition

OK thought i’d try adding tide data to the weather station. this took some time in getting xTides working correctly with the TS-121 Debian installation. once i had this installed the trick part of deciphering xTides configuration and some tricky css editing on the weewx configuration.

Anyhow i think its now worked out quite well.

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Upgrading the Weatherstation

The Weatherstation software is running on an old QNAP TS-209 II. This Hardware is quite slow so I am upgrading the NAS to a new Single Drive version – The QNAP TS-121.

TS-209 II Specs – Marvell 5182 500MHz CPU and 256MB DDR2 RAM

TS-121 Specs Marvell 88F6282 2.0GHz CPU and 1024MB DDR3 RAM

hopefully the nas should handle this very well and stats generation for the weewx website should be very quick.

Migration of data and Blitzortung software should be done over the next few days.


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Forecasting for Weather Station Website.

Since Weewx v2.5.0 has added support for Forecasting to be created on its website, I have now managed to sus out the formatting and layout of the configuration.

I have added the Forecast at the top of the main column here:

Conlig Weather Station

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Update to Weewx – v2.6.0a3

weewx change history


  • Changed the RESTful architecture so RESTful services are now first-class weewx services. This should simplify the installation of 3rd party extensions that use these services.
  • Broke up service_list, the very long list of services to be run, into five separate lists. This will allow services to be grouped together, according to when they should be run.
  • Changed the default time and date labels to use locale dependent formatting. The defaults should now work in most locales, provided you set the environment variable LANG before running weewx.
  • Added UV plots to the templates. They will be shown automatically if you have any UV data.
  • Fixed bug in setting of CheetahGenerator options. 
  • Fixed qsf and qpf summary values in forecast module.
  • Forecast module now considers the fctcode, condition, and wx fields for precipitation and obstructions to visibility.


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