Blitzortung RED/Blue Firmwares released – v8.1

Firmware 8.1 / 2016-09-23: RED / BLUE

* fix: improvements for hard fault crashes and some more debug information
* fix: workaround/test for possible crashes on some specific stations

more info and discussion here:

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UniFi Cloud Key firmware 0.5.4 is released

Changes in 0.5.4:

UniFi Controller

  • Bundle UniFi Controller 5.2.7. See HERE for controller release notes.

UCK System

  • Remove openjdk-7-jre-headless, replace with Oracle Java 8 (1.8.0u101).
  • Enable FreeRADIUS by default.


  • Update webui to v1.0.23-1.

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UniFi 5.3.3 Testing Released

New Features from 5.3.2:

  • Added switch statistics page
  • Added AP config copy
  • Added AP disable option
  • Added Beta Hotspot 2.0

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UTM Up2Date 9.406 and 9.357 Released

Today we released security updates for 9.4 (9.406) and 9.35 (9.357) to the Up2Date servers. These are full GA releases, meaning that all firewalls running will be offered the automatic update.


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UniFi 5.2.5 is released for testing


  • As always, make a backup prior to upgrading.
  • Windows users must have x64 Java installed as we only support 64 bit webRTC library. Please see HERE and download the missing version (64bit offline Windows install package).
  • You cannot re-use a VLAN ID for dynamic VLAN if it is set as a static value for another SSID on the same AP. So, if I have a SSID set to use VLAN 10, I cannot use VLAN ID 10 for RADIUS controlled VLAN users as those users will not get an IP.
  • Smart Queue QoS is similar to the implementation as in EdgeOS (see HERE). Please note that DPI will not work when using Smart Queue QoS, as traffic will not be offloaded. It’s also worth noting that maximum throughput will be affected when using Smart Queue QoS, as traffic is not offloaded. There are some rough guidelines in the article linked above.
  • Do note that DFS channels can not be used for wireless uplink as of this release. Please use non-DFS channels if you need to use wireless uplink on dual band UAPs.
  • It appears that VHT80 uplinks work on channel 36 and 149, but may not work with other channels selected (44, 153, 159). This bug has been present for a while. VHT20/40 and HT20/40 should work properly.

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QNAP TVS-x82 and TVS-x82T NAS Series Support Upgradable RAM to 64 GB

TVS-x82 NAS series, TVS-x82T Thunderbolt™ NAS series, up to 64GB RAM

Taipei, Taiwan, September 8, 2016 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. today announced that its high-performance business-class TVS-x82 NAS series and TVS-x82T Thunderbolt™ NAS series, powered by 6th Generation Intel® 14nm multi-core processors, support upgrading the RAM to a maximum of 64 GB for optimal performance in memory-intensive applications such as virtualization.

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QNAP Releases Qfinder Pro 2.1.2 for Mac, Providing Optimized File Transfer Performance

Qfinder Pro 2.1.2 for Mac

Taipei, Taiwan, September 7, 2016 – QNAP® Systems, Inc. today released an updated version of Qfinder Pro 2.1.2 for Mac. This version rectifies slow Samba file transfer in Mac OS X 10.11.5 (and newer), allowing Mac users to directly mount Samba shared folders with efficient high-speed data transfer.

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